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410 patterns.


The seigaiha or wave is a pattern of layered concentric circles creating arches, symbolic of waves or water and representing surges of good luck.

Made by Olga Libby


Cork Wallet

A friend gave me a cork wallet. I scanned it and made this.

Made by Atle Mo


Japanese Asanoha

The Asanoha pattern is one of the most popular traditional patterns often seen on Japanese kimono.

Made by Olga Libby


Japanese Sayagata

Yes, the Japanese sure know a thing or two about patterns.

Made by Olga Libby



Long overdue, I know. Sorry! I hope to spend more maintaining again, so stay tuned. Enjoy this blue weather for now.

Made by Aslan Zamanloo.


New Year

It’s not quite a new year yet, but soon! Decorate your site with this tree, then.

Made by Mustafa BAL.


Waves of Value

Colorful waves, with value apparently. Surf’s up!

Made by Michal.


One in a million (S)

This is rather bisarre, but interesting. Nicely executed tiling!

Made by Ignasi Àvila Padró.


Cheap Diagonal Fabric

Fabric is never out of style, cheap or not.

Made by Ufuk Sarp Selçok.


Pink Rice

Everyone loves a bit of pink, right?

Made by ExcogitoWeb.