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401 patterns.

Dirty old black shirt

Used in small doses, this could be a nice subtle pattern. Used on a large surface, it’s dirty!

Made by Paul Reulat.


Redox 02

After 1 comes 2, same but different. You get the idea.

Made by Hendrik Lammers.


Redox 01

Bright gray tones with a hint of some metal surface.

Made by Hendrik Lammers.


Skin Side Up

White fabric looking texture with some nice random wave features.

Made by Hendrik Lammers.



A mid-tone gray patterns with some cement looking texture.

Made by Hendrik Lammers.


Stitched Wool

I love these crisp, tiny, super subtle patterns.

Made by Badhon Ebrahim.


Crisp Paper Ruffles

Sort of reminds me of those old house wallpapers.

Made by Tish.


White Linen

Dead simple but beautiful horizontal line pattern.

Made by Fabian Schultz.


Polyester Lite

A tiny polyester pixel pattern.

Made by Jeremy.


Light paper fibers

More in the paper realm, this time with fibers.

Made by Jorge Fuentes.