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408 patterns.

Shine dotted

Tiny shiny dots all over your screen.

Made by mediumidee.


Worn Dots

These dots are already worn for you, so you don’t have to.

Made by Matt McDaniel.


Light Mesh

Love me some light mesh on a Monday. Sharp.

Made by Wilmotte Bastien.



Detailed but still subtle and quite original. Lovely gray shades.

Made by Kim Ruddock.


Dark Tire

Dark, crisp and subtle. Tiny black lines on top of some noise.

Made by Wilmotte Bastien.


First Aid Kit

No, not the band but the pattern. Simple squares in gray tones, of course.

Made by Atle Mo.


Wide rectangles

Simple wide squares with a small indent. Fit’s all.

Made by Petr Šulc.


French Stucco

Fabric-ish patterns are close to my heart. French Stucco to the rescue.

Made by Christopher Buecheler.


Light wool

Submitted as a black pattern, I made it light and a few steps more subtle.

Made by Andy.


Gradient Squares

It’s big, it’s gradient – and they are square.

Made by Brankic1979.