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405 patterns.

Cross scratches

Subtle scratches on a light gray background.

Made by Andrey Ovcharov.


Subtle Zebra 3D

It’s a subtle zebra, in 3D. Oh yes!

Made by Mike Warner.


Fake luxury

Fake or not, it’s quite luxurious.

Made by Factorio.us Collective.


Dark Geometric

Continuing the geometric trend, here is one more.

Made by Mike Warner.


Blu Stripes

Very simple, very blu(e). Subtle and nice.

Made by Seb Jachec.


Texturetastic Gray

This ladies and gentlemen, is texturetastic! Love it.

Made by Adam Pickering.


Soft Pad

Bumps, highlight and shadows – all good things.

Made by Badhon Ebrahim.


Classy Fabric

This is lovely, just the right amount of subtle noise, lines and textures.

Made by Richard Tabor.


HIXS Evolution

Quite some heavy depth and shadows here, but might work well on some mobile apps?

Made by Damian Rivas.


Subtle Dark Vertical

Classic vertical lines, in all it’s subtlety.

Made by Cody L.