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392 patterns.

Checkered Pattern

Simple gray checkered lines, in light tones.

Made by Radosław Rzepecki.


Dark wood

A beautiful dark wood pattern, superbly tiled.

Made by Omar Alvarado.


Soft kill

Pattern #100! A black classic knit-looking pattern.

Made by Factorio.us Collective.


Elegant Grid

This is a hot one. Small, sharp and unique.

Made by GraphicsWall.



Floral patterns will never go out of style, so enjoy this one.

Made by Lasma.


Rough Cloth

More tactile goodness. This time in the form of some rough cloth.

Made by Bartosz Kaszubowski.


Little knobs

White little knobs, coming in at 10x10px. Sweet!

Made by Amos.


Dotnoise light grey

Sort of like the back of a wooden board. Light, subtle and stylish just the way we like it!

Made by Nikolalek.


Dark circles

People seem to enjoy dark patterns, so here is one with some circles.

Made by Atle Mo.


Light aluminum

Used correctly, this could be nice. Used in a bad way, all Hell will break loose.

Made by Atle Mo.