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400 patterns.

Squared Metal

Metal. Squared style.

Made by doot0.


Old map

An interesting one from Mr.Föhl here. Lovely at 2X as well!

Made by Andreas Föhl.


Light gray

Like the name says, light and gray. And it has some small dots and circles.

Made by Brenda Lay.


Old Moon

Awesome name, great pattern. Who does not love space?

Made by Nick Batchelor.


Black Felt

Very, very subtle. If your screen is too dark you might miss it. Tweak at will!

Made by E. van Zummeren.


Fresh snow

My favourite, fresh snow! There’s nothing like going down the hill on fresh powder.

Made by Kerstkaarten.


Nice snow

Not the most subtle, but very useful. And native retina!

Made by Kerstkaarten.


Wet snow

A bit of a snow special for you today. Winter is coming, after all!

Made by Kerstkaarten.


Rice paper #3

Oh yes, it happened! A pattern in full color. There will be more, I’m telling you.

Made by Atle Mo.



Add some sprinkles to your site, eh?

Made by Rebecca Litt.