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Patterns tagged dark
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405 patterns.

Dark Embroidery

A bit of vintage darkness for you here. Classic dark tile.

Made by Listvetra.


Dark Sharp Edges

Some dark 45 degree angles creating a nice pattern. Huge.

Made by Carlos Aguilar.


Congruent Pentagon Outline

By popular request, an outline version of the pentagon pattern.

Made by Atle Mo.



Everyone needs some stardust. Sprinkle it on your next project.

Made by Atle Mo.


Black Felt

Very, very subtle. If your screen is too dark you might miss it. Tweak at will!

Made by E. van Zummeren.



Tweed is back in style – you heard it here first. Also, the @2X version here is great!

Made by Simon Leo.


Binding dark

This works great as-is, or you can tone it down even more.

Made by Tia Newbury.


Grey Washed Wall

This is a semi-dark pattern, sort of linen-y.

Made by Sagive SEO.


Slash it

I have no idea what this is, but it’s tiny and it tiles. Whey!

Made by Venam.


Simple Dashed

Tiny lines going both ways – not the way you think, silly.

Made by Venam.