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Patterns tagged dark
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396 patterns.

Dark Exa

Looks a bit like little bugs, but they are harmless.

Made by Venam.


Dark Dotted 2

Dark dots never go out of fashion, do they? Nope.

Made by Venam.


Escheresque dark

A comeback for you, the populare Escheresque now in black.

Made by Ste Patten.


Вlack lozenge

Not the most subtle one, but a nice pattern still.

Made by Listvetra.


Dark Fish Skin

It almost looks a bit blurry, but then again so are fishes.

Made by Petr Šulc.


Maze black

Classy little maze for you, in two colors even.

Made by Peax.


Blach Orchid

Blach is the new Black.

Made by Hybridixstudio.


Debut dark

Same classic 45 degree pattern with class, dark version.

Made by Luke McDonald.


Twinkle Twinkle

A very dark spotted twinkle pattern for you twinkle needs.

Made by Badhon Ebrahim.


Wild Oliva

Wild Oliva or Oliva Wilde? Darker than the others, sort of a medium dark pattern.

Made by Badhon Ebrahim.