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Patterns tagged dark
410 patterns.

HIXS Evolution

Quite some heavy depth and shadows here, but might work well on some mobile apps?

Made by Damian Rivas.


Subtle Dark Vertical

Classic vertical lines, in all it’s subtlety.

Made by Cody L.


Dark matter

The name is totally random, but hey, it sounds good?

Made by Atle Mo.


Black Thread

Geometric lines are always hot, and this pattern is no exception.

Made by Listvetra.


Vertical cloth

You just can’t get enough of the fabric patterns, so here is one more for your collection.

Made by Krisp Designs.


Dark Denim 3

This is the third pattern called Dark Denim, but hey, we all love them!

Made by Brandon Jacoby.


Iron Grip

Sounds like something from World of Warcraft. Has to be good.

Made by Tony Kinard.



If you need stars, this is the one to get.

Made by Agus Riyadi.



Not sure if this is related to the Nami you get in Google image search, but hey, it’s nice!

Made by Dertig Media.


Dark Denim

Thin lines, noise and texture creates this crisp dark denim pattern.

Made by Marco Slooten.