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Patterns tagged light
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396 patterns.

Cardboard Flat

Not a flat you live inside, like in the UK – but a flat piece of cardboard.

Made by Appleshadow.


Noisy Grid

This is a grid, only it’s noisy. You know. Reminds you of those printed grids you draw on.

Made by Vectorpile.


Subtle Grey

The Grid. A digital frontier.
I tried to picture clusters of information as they traveled through the computer.

Made by Haris Šumić.



A large pattern with funky shapes and form. An original. Sort of origami-ish.

Made by Luuk van Baars.



The name tells you it has curves. Oh yes it does!

Made by Peter Chon.


Back pattern

Pixel by pixel, sharp and clean. Very light pattern with clear lines.

Made by M.Ashok.


Translucent Fibres

The file was named striped lens, but hey – Translucent Fibres works too.

Made by Angelica.


Skeletal Weave

Imagine you zoomed in 1000X on some fabric. But then it turned out to be a skeleton!

Made by Angelica.


Subtle Surface

Super subtle indeed, a medium gray pattern with tiny dots in a grid.

Made by Designova.


Retina Wood

I’m not going to use the word Retina for all the new patterns, but it just felt right for this one. Huge wood pattern for ya’ll.

Made by Atle Mo.