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Patterns tagged light
408 patterns.

White Wall

Looks like an old wall. I guess that’s it then?

Made by Viahorizon.


Subtle White Feathers

This one is amazing, truly original. Go use it!

Made by Viahorizon.


Sneaker Mesh Fabric

Snap! A crisp pixel pattern.

Made by Victor Bejar.


Mocha Grunge

You don’t see many mid-tone patterns here, but this one is nice.

Made by Joel Klein.


Knitted Sweater

Can never have too many knitting patterns, especially as nice as this.

Made by Victoria Spahn.


Fabric of Squares

As far as fabric patterns goes, this is quite crisp.

Made by Heliodor Jalba.


Cloth alike

You guessed it – looks a bit like cloth.

Made by Peax Webdesign.


AG Square

As simple as it get’s, gray lines crossing.

Made by Erikdel.


Kinda Jean

A nice one indeed, but I got a feeling we have it already? If you spot a copy, let me know on Twitter.

Made by Graphiste.


Paper Fibers

Just what the name says, paper fibers. Always good to have.

Made by Heliodor jalba.