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Patterns tagged light
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401 patterns.

AG Square

As simple as it get’s, gray lines crossing.

Made by Erikdel.


Kinda Jean

A nice one indeed, but I got a feeling we have it already? If you spot a copy, let me know on Twitter.

Made by Graphiste.


Paper Fibers

Just what the name says, paper fibers. Always good to have.

Made by Heliodor jalba.


Maze white

Just like the black maze, only in light gray. Duh.

Made by Peax.


Satin weave

Super simple but very nice indeed. Gray with vertical stripes.

Made by Merrin Macleod.



Almost like little fish shells, or dragon skin.

Made by Graphiste.


Subtle grunge

A heavy hitter at 400x400px, but lovely still.

Made by Breezi.


Honey I’m subtle

First off in 2013, a mid-gray hexagon pattern.

Made by Alex M. Balling.


Grey Jean

Yummy, this is one good looking pattern. Grab it!

Made by Omur Uluask.


Lined paper

I know there already is one here, but shit – this is sexy!

Made by Gjermund Gustavsen.