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410 patterns.

Retro Intro

A slightly more textured pattern, medium gray. A bit like a potato sack?

Made by Bilal Ketab.


Tiny Grid

You know, tiny and sharp. I’m sure you’ll find a use for it.

Made by Atle Mo.


Textured Stripes

A lovely light gray pattern with stripes and a dash of noise.

Made by V Hartikainen.


Strange Bullseyes

This is indeed a bit strange, but here’s to the crazy ones!

Made by Christopher Buecheler.


Low Contrast Linen

A smooth mid-tone gray, or low contrast if you will, linen pattern.

Made by Jordan Pittman.


Egg Shell

It’s an egg, in the form of a pattern. This really is 2012.

Made by Paul Phönixweiß.


Clean gray paper

On a large canvas you can see it tiling, but used on smaller areas it’s beautiful.

Made by Paul Phönixweiß.


Norwegian Rose

I’m not going to lie – if you submit something with the words Norwegian and Rose in it, it’s likely I’ll publish it.

Made by Fredrik Scheide.



You can never get enough of these tiny pixel patterns with sharp lines.

Made by Designova.


Dirty old black shirt

Used in small doses, this could be a nice subtle pattern. Used on a large surface, it’s dirty!

Made by Paul Reulat.