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Patterns tagged wall

410 patterns.

White wall 3

You know I like walls, what can I say. This one needs to be used in small areas, though. You can see it repeat.

Made by Luca.


Brick wall

One more brick pattern. A bit more depth to this one.

Made by Benjamin Ward.


White wall

A huge one at 800x600px. Made from a photo I took going home after work.

Made by Atle Mo.


White Brick Wall

If you’re sick of the fancy 3d, grunge and noisy patterns, take a look at this flat 2d brick wall.

Made by Listvetra.



I guess this is inspired by the city of Ravenna in Italy and it’s stone walls.

Made by Sentel.


Old wall

Old concrete wall in light shades.

Made by Bartosz Kaszubowski.


Rocky wall

High detail stone wall with minor cracks and specks.

Made by Projecteightyfive